Engage Programme

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Volunteers' experiences

Here are what some of our volunteers have said about their experiences volunteering with Engage.

" Volunteering with Engage is extremely rewarding as well as being fantastic clinical psychology experience. We help patients tackle a variety of social, emotional and cognitive difficulties which can be challenging, but training equips us with a variety of interventions and techniques to overcome these. The Engage programme helps to provide holistic care to the patients in hospital which is essential to their overall well-being." – Engage Volunteer

"No two patients are the same! I have heard some amazing stories over the last two years that I have been a volunteer. We visit patients in hospital, to take time to talk to them, with the aim of making them feel wanted, cared for and to have a personal identity, and thus raise their self-esteem. Some patients are naturally cheerful and are happy to be in hospital, recognising that it is the best place to be while they are ill; others are anxious about their home situation: who is looking after their pet; what happens when it is time to go home; who will care for them?

"By sharing these various situations with someone it is possible to gain confidence and reassurance that these things will be dealt with at the right time and in the right way. And, as volunteers, we have time to do this." – Mike, Engage Volunteer

"Being a volunteer with Engage is a wonderful experience. I spend a lot of my time with patients on the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Unit, most of whom have life-changing injuries. It is a humbling experience but also an honour to be a part of their journey through rehabilitation, sharing their ups and downs along the way. My work with Engage has encouraged me to train to become a counsellor. Without the invaluable experience Engage has given me I would not be studying now." – Caroline, Engage Volunteer