Engage Programme

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Psychology co-ordinator

The Engage project is managed and directed by a Psychology Co-ordinator.

The role involves:

  • Managing and co-ordinating a large team of volunteers.
  • A point of contact for volunteers and the department
  • Liason with ward staff
  • Organiser of recruitment and training
  • Responsible for maintaining a well-supported and happy environment for volunteers to work in.
  • Research and evaluation of the programme.
  • Developing and marketing Engage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Promoting an interface between the Clinical Psychology team, hospital management and Engage.

The co-ordinator is available at all times to help and support the volunteers. They are always present to ensure the project is running smoothly and effectively. If they are unavailable then this responsibility is delegated to another professional who is qualified to manage any concerns or queries.